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A chain of Halal food shops with quality assurance and the possibility of using a tokenisation system
Technology for the greater good!
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Halal Product Quality
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Halal Digital Ecosystem

In a world of innovation and quality, “Halal Only” Supermarkets bring you a groundbreaking investment opportunity. Step into the realm of RWA supermarkets with digital passports powered by blockchain technology for unrivaled food quality assurance.

Join our exclusive investor whitelist today and seize the chance to own a stake with a remarkable 20% annual dividend return.

Embrace excellence, trust, and community at “Halal Only” Supermarkets, where your investments flourish alongside our premium produce.

Dive into a fresh future with us. Join the journey now.

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Halal Only production

Water & Drinks

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Halal Only production


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Halal Only production


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Halal Only production

farm products

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Halal Only production

Beautiful and environmentally friendly packaging

Food Industry


For consumers

Lack of Halal and quality food products

There is no trust
Lack of reliable systems to verify Halal quality
Harmful additives

Harmful additives and GMOs in foods and related health problems

Halal Only


For health-conscious people
High quality products

Selected products and direct deliveries from farmers

Strict quality control

Compliance with high Halal standards. Use of digital passports for products

consumer convenience

The cosy atmosphere of the shop. And Minicafe inside the shop.

Fast delivery

Utilising the latest advances for convenient and fast product delivery

RWA Raksiom



RWA Raksiom utilizes tokens for:

Investing in the construction of co-living hotels: RWA Raksiom token holders receive the right to a share of the project’s profits, which is distributed proportionally to the number of tokens.

Access to RWA Raksiom services: RWA Raksiom utility tokens can be used to pay for accommodation, coworking, event participation, and other services, discounts on services. 

Investing in the Future of FoodTech


A token system for investors and customers is being developed

Highlights from

Islamic World Forum

Meetings and negotiations with significant representatives of the Islamic world

RWA Raksiom

our team

RWA Raksiom is a team of experienced professionals in real estate, freelancing, Web 3.0, and blockchain technology
Leonard Radiant
Kosmeya Radiant
Blockchain Visionary
Alexander Borodich
Evgeniya Kalashnikova
Advisor AR+Gamefication
Konstantin Marushnev
Community / Marketing
Ivan Nabokikh
Co Producer
Iskander Gumerbaev
Vitaliy Kobranov

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