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Investing in the Future of RWA
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co-living market reach by 2025
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RWA Raksiom is a startup that offers a new approach to real estate investment: building unique co-living hotels for freelancers and the Web 3.0 community.


The co-living market is rapidly growing. It is expected to reach $26 billion by 2025.


You can see our architectural design for the coliving building.

Real estate


For investors, Freelancers and Web 3.0 enthusiasts
Bureacratic complexity

Bureaucratic complexity of buying real estate and lack of transparency of profits for investors

need for convenience
 Need flexible and convenient places to work and live.
Often face difficulties finding suitable housing
Need for community

Seek a community of like-minded people

Traditional co-living spaces

Not always tailored to the needs of freelancers and the Web 3.0 community

RWA Raksiom


RWA Raksiom offers co-living hotels specifically designed for freelancers and the Web 3.0 community
Dividend Transparency

Smart contracts automatically distribute profits among token holders: This guarantees the fairness and transparency of the process.

Convenient infrastructure

Coworking spaces, high-speed internet, equipped kitchens, lounge areas, game rooms, cinemas, gyms

Community support

Networking, masterclasses, mentoring, access to Web 3.0 projects, event organization

Flexible conditions

Various accommodation options, from short-stay to long-term, possibility of booking via smart contracts

RWA Raksiom


New architectural forms in bionic style that are fluid and natural. To make the earth a better place for a happy free life!

RWA Raksiom



RWA Raksiom utilizes tokens for:

Investing in the construction of co-living hotels: RWA Raksiom token holders receive the right to a share of the project’s profits, which is distributed proportionally to the number of tokens.

Access to RWA Raksiom services: RWA Raksiom utility tokens can be used to pay for accommodation, coworking, event participation, and other services, discounts on services. 

Investing in the Future of RWA


RWA Raksiom plans to attract $10 million in investment to build 5 co-living hotels within 3 years.


Blockchain Transparency

RWA ensures complete transparency of dividend payments:

All RWA Raksiom token transactions are recorded on the blockchain: This ensures the immutability and public availability of information.

Smart contracts automatically distribute profits among token holders: This guarantees the fairness and transparency of the process.

RWA token holders can check their dividend balance at any time: Information on profit distribution will be available on the RWA Raksiom website and in the blockchain explorer.

RWA Raksiom

our team

RWA Raksiom is a team of experienced professionals in real estate, freelancing, Web 3.0, and blockchain technology
Leonard Radiant
Kosmeya Radiant
Blockchain Visionary
Alexander Borodich
Evgeniya Kalashnikova
Advisor AR+Gamefication
Konstantin Marushnev
Community / Marketing
Ivan Nabokikh
Co Producer
Iskander Gumerbaev
Vitaliy Kobranov

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